The Makati Parking Authority (MAPA): An Overview

History. In the mid 80’s, as more and more vehicles began to choke the streets of the MCBD, complaints wre rife about the traffic situation and
the lack of on-street parking space.

In 1987, then Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay decided to put the parking situation in order. He brought together the Makati City Government, Ayala Land Inc., MaCEA, and the Makati Chamber of Commerce and Industry to create a private organization to manage parking and traffic in the MCBD.

On April 6, 1987, the Makati Parking Authority (MAPA), a nonstock, non-profit and self-sustaining private corporation, was formally organized “to effect low-cost traffic management that shall control and facilitate free movement and regulated parking of motor vehicles” in the MCBD. MAPA is governed by a Board of Trustees representing the incorporating organizations and who receive no remuneration. The present Board is headed by David L. Balangue, president/chairman of MaCEA.

Several ordinances have been passed to put in place traffic schemes and parking regulations that: authorize MAPA to administer, manage and implement all policies, rules and regulations relative to onstreet pay parking projects within the MCBD; designate one-way and noparking streets as well as loading and unloading points; impose three-hour

MAPA at a Glance
· MAPA field personnel are deputized by the City Government to enforce all rules and regulations
relative to parking and traffic.

· Its main source of revenue is the collection of on-street parking fees. The proceeds (minus 15% remitted to the City Government) are used to support its financial requirements, and the rest is plowed back to the public thru parking and traffic management projects such as installation of traffic lights,
maintenance of road pavement marking and parking and traffic related road signs, and posting
of parking wardens and traffic enforcers.

· Major activities include: parking management, traffic management, crime prevention, improvement of
public service, and networking with barangays and other organizations, public and private, that share its

MAPA has much to show for its 30 years of service. It has:
· Minimized traffic congestion and obstruction along Ayala Avenue, cutting end-to-end travel time from
30-45 minutes to 13-15 minutes;
· Discouraged long-term use of onstreet parking, thereby significantly increasing the number of slots
available for use by business visitors;
· Minimized vagrancy, vandalism, and car theft;
· Generated employment;
· Disciplined motorists to mind and follow traffic and parking rules, and pedestrians to use the sidewalks, underpasses and elevated walkway; and
· Restored order in the streets of the District.

Enforcement of Parking Rules & Regulations
· Parking use is limited to three hours per slot, from 7AM to 5PM on most streets, and free from 5 PM – 7AM. Parking is prohibited on certain streets from 7-10 AM and 5-9 PM, which are indicated by signs.
· VAT-inclusive parking fees per slot are P50 for the first two hours and P60 for the third hour for cars and P30 per hour for motorcycles.
· Payment of fees should be made to MAPA enforcers on site.
· Vehicles are not allowed to park on on-street parking slots with yellow “T” lines.
· Cars and motorcycles that exceed the three-hour parking limit shall be deemed illegally parked and will be either wheel-clamped or towed away and impounded.

For assistance in the release of
clamped/impounded vehicles, please call:
(02) 808 0710 & (02) 808 0711. For
complaints and suggestions, contact the
General Manager by email at inquiry@
makati or by fax at
(02) 844-0379. Complaints should be
accompanied by a copy of the Parking
Ticket and Traffic Citation Ticket (OVR).