One of the projects of MACEA for the continuous development and improvement of the city is the installation of the underground conduit network that aims to run through the MCBD.

Following the objectives of the project which seeks to build a single race way for all the data providers operating in the district and to streamline the provisioning of telecommunications facilities within the MACEA-controlled area of the MCBD and minimize, the project is being completed day by day.

The construction of the said underground conduit network commenced on 2019 and is expected to be completed by early 2022. Despite the delays on the project because of the current situation regarding the COVID pandemic, 80% of the Valero Section has been accomplished and completed installation of 534 meters of 13-run and 54 meters of 2-run underground conduits with nine manholes and six service boxes. As for the Rufino Segment Phase 1A and 1B, 55% has already been completed, 2,358 meters of 12-run and 1,883 meters of 2-run underground conduits with 21 manholes and 43 service boxes. Whereas the Valero / San Agustin Segment and Dela Rosa Segment started their construction last November 26, 2021 and December 3, 2021, respectively, and is expected to be completed within six to twelve months.

Upon completion, the network, which will be divided into ducts with one duct assigned for the exclusive use of one company, will run through 25.1 kilometers within the area under the jurisdiction of MACEA.