New street signs kick off district-wide wayfinding system

Anyone who has walked or driven along Ayala Avenue lately should
have noticed the new street signs on every street corner, from Apartment Ridge in the south all the way to Gil Puyat in the north.

The signs make up a new wayfinding system designed to make finding one’s way in the MCBD easier for both pedestrians and motorists.

The signs are larger, The recipient organization’s programs include
providing its beneficiaries with opportunities for employment,
free medical and dental services, a supplemental feeding program,
and motivational development—polio and stroke patients,
children with cerebral palsy, foot with a more legible sans serif font,
a graphic element that sports the common colors of the new MaCEA
logo and the “Make it Makati” brand, and are reflectorized for
easier readability at night. The old signs in the streets in Legazpi Village, Salcedo Village and Apartment Ridge will be replaced with the new ones soon.

The wayfinding system also includes directional signs to various
major places in the MCBD. The signs so far posted are strategically
placed along Ayala Avenue and in the underpasses