Art is always relevant. So, is nature. If the two are combined, the end result is magical. That is why this combination should be displayed in places where most people are stressed with everyday triggers. It will be a fresh sight and can act as a reset for city dwellers.

This is exactly what the Legazpi Underpass Mural is all about. Aside from giving the citizens an easier and safe passage, they will also be welcomed by a magnificent mural upon entering the underpass.

Headed by Jonathan David (MACEA General Manager), Chrissy Roa (Head of Marketing and Communication, Ayala Land Estates), Sheilla Aguilar (Project Development Head for Makati, Ayala Land Estates) and lead artists Janica Rina and Jerson Samson, Legazpi Underpass has finally launched.

The mural, created by artists Janica Rina and Jerson Samson, assisted by Pogs Samson, Eunice Vergara, Hayme, Vincent Zulaybar and Janice Samson, tells a story about Coexistence. It shows the harmonious environment between humans and nature, reminding us to value our very own flora and fauna while we still can.

Also, this is perfect to symbolize Makati because it is a place where diversity meet. This variety of people and nature contributes to the vibrance of the city and makes coexistence possible. 

Another key point to remember is that the Legazpi underpass connects the urban oasis of the city which is the Ayala Triangle Gardens and Ayala Center. The developments at Makati involving a safer and enhanced walking experience of the pedestrians through a network of underpasses and walkways has been one of the many goals of the city.