The Makati Commercial Estate Association, founded in 1963, is a civic body whose membership is composed of property owners, manufacturers, banks, professional organizations, corporations, advertising agencies, real estate firms, insurance companies, industrialists. The Association is purely civic takes no part in politics and operates on a non-profit basis. Its Board of Governors and staff however, maintains close contact with municipal officials at the executive level. Its work is approved in principle by the National Planning Commission the Police and Health and Sanitation Departments their cooperation being freely given in achieving the worth function of the Association — namely that of maintaining the integrity of the section, as the most desirable business and commercial area in the Philippines.
The working staff of the Association is constantly occupied with the enforcement of the Association’s policies and promoting further the favorable aura of efficient dignity of the district. Every member of the Association has free access to this working body and may call upon them at any time to handle personal or business problems within the Association’s scope.
The governors and officers of the Makati Commercial Estate Association are leading business men from every field of endeavor.


Since its founding, the Makati Commercial Estate Association has quietly and effectively policed this prestige district which is one of the greatest assets of the municipality. The Association staffed and supported by the leading business and professional people whose interests lie in this high quality area, is concerned wholly with the preservation and promotion of these intangible but incredibly vital elements of distinction and prestige. Constructive and far-sighted planning by the Association has produced practical zoning, traffic control, elimination of objectionable display advertising, and is, in brief, the dominant active factor in maintaining the integrity of the Makati Commercial Estate area.


To date, the members of the Makati Commercial Estate Association number 390 representing a cross section of the leading organization in the area, whose personal interest as well as civic pride is served by actively supporting the protecting body that in turn, serves them. Membership cost is minimal — well worth the distinction and conservation and services rendered its members.


There is a metropolis of quality, distinction and refinement within sub urban Makati, it is the area of Paseo de Roxas, Ayala and Makati Avenues and the adjacent cross streets of these thoroughfares, Legaspi and Salcedo Districts.

The fact that this area is gaining renown in business community the center of commerce, finance, industrial management and the professions is by design. Located, literally at the “heart” of the fastest developing suburb in the country are the representatives of the Philippines’ and world’s most important industries — the smartest stores — the greatest banking institutions — the most discriminating and particular professional organization have selected the Makati Commercial Estate section and its protected environs for the site of their offices and business locations.

The growth of the Makati Commercial Estate section during the past few years has been unparalleled. Almost every prominent corporation in the nation occupies offices or entire buildings in the area — traffic and congestion are mounting — creating untold difficulties in maintaining the impeccable reputation of the Ayala Avenue Section as the “Quality Streets” in greater Manila. The burden placed upon the Makati Commercial Estate Association has been heavy. Its members know only too well how important the tasks of the Association are — and they contribute generously to its support and share in its achievements — believing that “Civic pride is good business” because they share personally in the advantages of protected prestige.

Look down at the clean, refined smart expanse of Ayala Avenue, Paseo de Roxas, Makati Avenue. You’ll see no projecting sidewalks signs — no open front stores. Here you’ll see no garish display — no flashy moving signs. Your eyes meet only quiet refinement — the essence of quality and conservative good taste. Business executives know that this studied and carefully guarded atmosphere spells good business — fair competition — sound management