Legazpi Underpass, Active Park under renovation

Things are moving at a fast clip in the MCBD. Ever on the lookout for
facilities and machines that need improvement or replacement from
the effects of wear and tear, we are currently undertaking renovation
work on two facilities—one, the Legazpi Underpass that bridges
the two sides of Ayala Avenue near the carpark of the old Makati Stock
Exchange on one side and Locsin Building on the other; and two, the Active Park in Legazpi Village next to the carpark there.

At the Legazpi Underpass, we started with the installation of two brand-new escalators, one on each side, under our escalator replacement program. To lend it a spic-and-span look, the walls of the tunnel are being
repainted and the ceiling given a brighter look, while the tiles on the
floor and stairs are being replaced. Being the first one constructed in the
MCBD, this underpass has received the worst beating. Work is scheduled
for completion by November 2017. The Active Park is also undergoing renovation: an overhaul, actually, judging from the sweeping landscaping changes being made— new tiled pathways, new grass, new ornamental plants, new playground for the kids, you name it. Environment advocates should rest assured that the trees have been left untouched. So extensive is the work that it will look like a new park when the work is done, before the end of 2017.