Board of Governors reelected

Successful organizations share two hallmarks—continuity and change.

Continuity is a cherished core value of an organization with a clear vision of what it wants to be/become and a clear definition of what it should to do to turn that vision into reality. Change, on the other hand, guarantees
that the organization is ever moving forward, in tune with ideas that
breed new technology, technology that in turn saves time, cuts costs,
improves productivity, and generally makes life easier and safer for all.

No clearer proof is there of continuity in MaCEA than the reelection of the
governors during the 54th Annual Membership Meeting on May 09, 2017 at
the Manila Polo Club. There, all eleven incumbent governors were re-installed in the Board—Antonio S. Abacan Jr., David L. Balangue, Manuel A.
Blas II, Cesar V. Campos, Edgar O. Chua, William V. Coscolluela, Ismael G. Cruz, Anna Ma. Margarita B. Dy, Bernard Vincent O. Dy, Antonio G. Puyat, and Cornelio T. Peralta.

The re-installed governors went on to reelect three officers to their positions in the board—Balangue as chairman and president,
Coscolluela as vice chairman and vice Board of Governors reelected
carried through.

And then there’s change, an element of success in the 21st century that MaCEA is in abundant supply of. It is the one thing that ensures that the MCBD will keep marching on to the future, in step with
time, if not ahead of it.

Look around and you see change everywhere. Read about them in the other pages of this issue. president, and Puyat as treasurer. This ensures that the direction the Association has taken in recent years will be carried on and that the projects already started or are in the pipeline shall be