The space below the vehicular overpass at the corner of A. Arnaiz Ave. and Amorsolo St. has been adorned with a green wall, a veritable vertical garden that at once fights air pollution and prettifies the place.

Responding with dispatch to reports of the presence of nocturnal rodents in some places, drainage inlets that used to be open have been fitted with steel railings to keep said pests away.

And to make the task of beautification more time- and cost-efficient, we are shifting from manual to mechanized, and have acquired tools for trimming plants and hedges, a mower for cutting grass, and a basket truck for pruning trees and ridding them of branches that stick out towards streets. Plants on center islands are now watered with the use of a watering machine manned by an operator.

The entire stretch of the elevated walkway extension has also been aesthetically enhanced with potted greens on both its exterior and interior sides.

And the staff of the cleaning brigade, clad in uniforms, move from place to place to sweep the streets and sidewalks clean and keep them spic and span throughout the day.