Mr. Abraham Vives Anunciacion has finally called it a day after 30 years of service in Makati Central Estate Association (MACEA). Within those years, he served as a field operation supervisor and an assistant general manager.

Mr. Anunciacion was the field operation supervisor from year 1991, August 16 until year 2006, September 15. He became the assistant general manager on 16th of September 2006 until 31st of March 2021.

One of his duties as the assistant general manager was overseeing day-to-day operations of the MaCEA managed areas. He undertook regular inspection of the area of jurisdiction in terms of compliance to the Association’s rules and regulations including its deed restrictions. He also ensured immediate action on complaints of all members and prepared correspondences. Preparing the quarterly summary of construction violations including the day-to-day computer encoding of violation date was also one of his duties. Furthermore, he would consequently coordinate implementation of corrective measures. Also, he would undertake project studies and would evaluate new innovative methods / procedures in order to further improve the operation of the Association. As for the billings for contractors, Meralco / MWC and suppliers, he would often conduct a thorough checking of the said billings.

As the former assistant general manager, he also conducted an evaluation of all the employed contractors, as well as the new contractors of the Association. He established and maintained institutional linkages and relations with the Makati City Administration including police, neighboring barangays and associations, MERALCO, MWC, and other public utility agencies and government entities.

Mr. Anunciacion exhibited the act of being flexible in work as he would also perform other duties / responsibilities that was assigned to him from time to time.