Infrastructure Improvements continue amid pandemic


Along Arnaiz avenue and H.V. dela costa


In partnership with Green Antz, MaCEA has implemented sidewalk enhancement projects along Arnaiz avenue and H.V. dela Costa Street. The project has been undergoing since June, 2020, and is expected to be finished by the end of November of the same year.

It makes use Eco-bricks, the flagship product of Green Antz; a building product akin to concrete hollow blocks made from a mixture of wet cement and shredded plastic laminates, but are comprehensively more durable in terms of tensile strength compared to the latter. The project saves up to 800 plastic sachets per square meter, with a total linear length of almost 2,000 meters and a total area of 5,400 square meters.



At Villar Street along Paseo de Roxas

A new pedestrian underpass is being constructed along Villar Street that will open up to the Ayala Triangle Gardens. With a launch date soon to be announced, the 70-meter long tunnel aims to minimize pedestrian traffic along Paseo De Roxas avenue.

The project started back in March of 2018, and has a target completion date of June, 2021. Currently, installation of mechanical ducts along the main tunnel are ongoing, as well as the construction of concrete manholes, with more accomplishment expected to be done soon.




A new 6-level parking structure is being constructed in Legazpi Street. Construction has started since March of 2019, and is on-going until January, 2021, and is expected to be operational by the following month of the same year.

Once finished, it will accommodate almost 500 vehicles and is open for the public to use.




Although the current pandemic situation may be a hindrance to some aspects of life, MaCEA strives to remain connected. In an effort to improve its network facilities, MaCEA is building a new 25.1km-long underground conduit serving fiber which will better serve the data processing capabilities of the institutions around Makati.

With a targeted construction span of 3 years, beginning in January of this year, it is expected to be finished in the early months of 2022. However, construction works have been delayed due to the lockdowns and quarantine, in line with the current COVID pandemic. But despite this delay, 4 kilometers of fiber has already been laid out under Rufino St., completing almost 16% of the whole length of the project.

Citizens and the community around the affected areas of the construction are advised to expect and may experience inconvenience during construction hours.