NATURE ON WALLS: The New Wall Mural and Elevated Walkway

PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications, Inc, together with the Makati Commercial Estate Association (MaCEA), with the support of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, had expanded the PLDT-Smart Gabay Kalikasan Street Mural by the “artivist”, AG Saño.

“The general state of the environment did not improve in 2020. Wildlife population is still diminishing. As environmental street artists, we want to keep on creating images of nature to keep nature’s beauty in the consciousness of the daily urban pedestrian,” said Saño.

The street mural, concentrating on nature, was created to raise awareness on climate change. MaCEA continuously aims for the constant transformation and reinvention of the city, with the environment as its key center. In order to execute these goals, Makati’s civic body has made the central business district pedestrian-friendly and well-connected. The transformation of the neighborhood into an art center will pave way to an extraordinary and vibrant sight in the midst of a business district.

Furthermore, PLDT Group actively ensures that it uses energy responsibly as they are considered the country’s largest integrated telecommunications company with energy as a necessary resource to deliver their services. The group also aims to protect the planet through technology-based carbon footprint offsetting programs due to greenhouse gas emissions arising from energy consumed by its network in operation, establishments and transport. Including in the initiative are the reforestation, marine protection, mangroves preservation, and peatlands conservation that leverage on digital innovations and PLDT-Smart’s network.

The pillars that make up the company’s Sustainability Framework are the Effective Environmental Stewardship, which Gabay Kalikasan represents, Awesome Customer Experience, Quality of Service, Growth-driven Innovation, Responsible and Efficient Operations, Excellence through Human Capital, Positive Community Impact and Good Governance & Ethical Business Practices

Not only active in maintaining the integrity of the section, as the most desirable business and commercial area in the Philippines, but also in raising environmental awareness, MaCEA, indeed, gets the job done.